Have you been seeking a fun and unique way to stay in shape and keep your family healthy? With studies recently projecting that 42% of Americans could be affected by obesity by the year 2030, John Cassidy has created a stimulating environment for all ages to get active, while learning valuable skills.


TopKick Martial Arts Centers, with several locations throughout Northern Virginia, offers classes for adults, teens, children, and even families to explore Taekwondo and martial arts. You don’t have to be an expert or even familiar with martial arts to enjoy their programs. TopKick simply encourages students to be patient, try, and have fun. The skills and self confidence you gain will be well worth the effort.

John Cassidy, known as Master Cassidy in his professional career, began exploring martial arts nearly 25 years ago and realized that he was very well suited to this form of exercise. Not only did he catch on quickly to the physical techniques, but he also fostered a deep appreciation for the spirit of the practice. It is with this in mind that he founded TopKick, hoping to offer a positive, safe, and challenging environment for its members.

Today, his venture has blossomed, with five locations in Northern Virginia serving over 1,000 students. A wide variety of classes are offered, from the very basic “Essentials Program” to the “Elite Program”, ensuring that members of all ages can receive the instruction that best aligns with their skill level. Classes are available Monday through Saturday and allow for convenient scheduling. Master Cassidy believes so strongly in the company’s mission that he even offers EasyTrial access to TopKick’s programs – allowing a full month of trial time with no obligation of membership. Once you decide to join, memberships are available on both an annual and a month-to-month basis.

Perhaps one of the most unique offerings available at TopKick is the A+ AfterSchool and SummerCamp programs.

TopKick truly makes an effort to cater to the busy Northern Virginia family. After school programs provide a safe, motivational, and structured environment for children. The elements of Taekwondo and martial arts encourage not only physical fitness, but also goal-setting and positive self esteem. The professional staff works hard to ensure students’ progress, while also allowing time for homework and team building through a wide variety of sports and activities. From the moment students arrive (transportation is offered from select area schools), they have full access to books, games, and arts and crafts, in addition to their regular instruction.

Youth camps at TopKick are much the same. Not only do students receive challenging martial arts training, the programs are dedicated to offering a diverse array of experiences to fill camp days. The incorporation of field trips (swimming, bowling, and visiting museums, to name a few) and movies keeps the schedule well-rounded and fun. Students learn that being active is an enjoyable and essential part of a well-balanced life. Camps are ideal for busy parents as well, offering early drop off and extended pick up hours at no extra charge. Available during the summer season and on select school holidays, TopKick camps provide a great opportunity for families and students alike.

For all that they offer and their commitment to supporting DC area families, John Cassidy and his staff at TopKick have proven they are the Best of Suburbia. Glowing testimonials and positive feedback make clear that they have created a unique environment that fosters “work ethic, discipline, focus, and respect.” What more could you ask for? The programs at TopKick reinforce important character-building qualities while contributing to your physical well-being.

One student notes that the black belt test at TopKick “was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and that’s with 7 full marathons to compare it to!” The challenge is great, but the rewards are greater. It may be worth exploring all that martial arts has to offer. While the program offerings at TopKick put them at the top of our list, it is important to note that they are also committed to staying active in the community and supporting local, regional, and national charities. TopKick supports the efforts of The American Cancer Society and The Capital Area Foodbank, among others. They have made a point to make this a focus of their programs and are firmly dedicated to serving the community.

It is this type of selfless commitment that makes TopKick so unique and has undoubtedly contributed to their great success. John Cassidy has created a wonderful outlet for local families that encourages everyone to consider martial arts as a form of physical fitness. We look forward to being a part of their continued success and growth in the future.

By Tanya Schoor

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