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Thomas Jefferson possessed countless talents and held many positions, which together made him the remarkable man that he was. He was the third President of the United States of America, the U.S. Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, author of the Declaration of Independence, father of the University of Virginia, an architect, naturalist, and linguist, among other traits.

Modeled after the man it was named in honor of, the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology boasts a collection of some of the most gifted and talented students in the world. Although it is a science and technology school by name, the student body is comprised of multi-faceted individuals from all over Northern Virginia who freely and passionately pursue paths in the humanities, arts, sciences and technology. From future nuclear physicists to college athletes, computer scientists to models, TJ has it all.

2011 marked the 25th year anniversary of the creation of TJHSST (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology). This year also marked the graduation of my eldest son from the school, along with 430 of his closest friends. I remember the joy that I felt as I watched my son walk across the stage to receive his diploma. That moment was the culmination of 4 years of hard work, sleepless nights and many fun times. From watching my own son, I know that each and every one of the graduating seniors put in a great deal of dedication and commitment and helped shape the lives of their peers.

Like the typical TJ student, my son Art spent his four years taking courses like AP Biology, Multivariable Calculus, Neuropsychology, Digital Electronics, AP Music Theory, AP United States History and Computer Science. Students at the school learn easily how to balance their rigorous course load and their personal lives by participating in sports, band, orchestra, chorus, and in the multitude of student-run clubs and activities the school offers during the 8th period. For Art, the safe haven from his studies was theatre. After school, Art was an actor, director, writer, and composer on the Thomas Jefferson stage.

He had the opportunities to write his own musical and direct his fellow classmates as they put together “Musical: the Musical, Based on the Novel ‘Book’ by Author. In 3D!” I remember having to listen to him over the entire summer, banging away on his piano and composing the songs that I would hear six months later played by an entire orchestra.
Art’s true passion, however, was improvisational theater, or improv, as it is known. At TJ, Art and his friends created their own improv team—the Imaginary Friends—and through the encouragement of the faculty and his English teacher, they began competing against other high school teams and won numerous first place awards.
TJ also experiences success in other areas such as band, chorus, and orchestra competitions and soccer championships. In addition, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology boasts the highest number of Intel Semifinalists and the highest number of National Merit Finalists of any high school in the United States.

I cherish the triumphs of the students in science, art, technology and sports, but more importantly, I am humbled by the extent to which they give back to the community; for example, the tutoring programs they have established at the nearby elementary school, the volunteer work they do at the assisted living home, and their fundraising drives and relief packages for the victims of natural disasters. The students at Thomas Jefferson open not only their minds, but also their hearts.

TJ is a gift not only to our community, but also to the whole world. I truly believe that the alumni who have graduated from TJ, as well as the students who are still studying there, will develop solutions to challenges that humanity faces today.


  • Address 6560 Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312
  • Phone (703) 750-8300
  • Category Kids
  • Location ALEXANDRIA, VA



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