Now, imagine that this loved one is your beloved pet, who is just as much a part of the family as your Aunt Esther. You cannot exactly drive to the nearest emergency room and ask them to treat Fido or Fluffy like the person you think they are. There is one major reason for this: the ER personnel are not trained in animal emergency critical care. This is where The LifeCentre’s Animal Emergency Critical Care Practice comes in. This is exactly the number that needs to be on your refrigerator under your doctor’s number and under your pet’s veterinarian’s number; this is your pet’s 911.

Animal Emergency Critical Care is part of The LifeCentre, which is a partner practice that serves as Loudoun County’s only 24- hour, 365 day a year emergency veterinary service. Besides emergency care, this is also the place to take your pet for critical care, specialty service, diagnostics, monitoring, and therapy. TLC’s Animal Emergency Critical Care has your pet’s health and comfort at the forefront of their philosophy of care. This philosophy is one that is practiced by all team members at The LifeCentre facility. The staff of Animal Emergency Critical Care are not only licensed, educated, and dedicated professionals, but they are all petowners themselves, people who love animals and will treat your pet with the kind of compassionate care that will make you feel confident that your pet is in good hands. These are people who love animals as much as you love your pet.

Animal Emergency Critical Care Owner and Medical Director, Susan M. Barnes, DVM, is the owner of five pet rescues: two American Staffordshire Terriers, Aspen and Opie, and three cats, Dexter, Thor and Charlie. In addition to being a proud pet owner, Dr. Barnes is currently a member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. She is a Veterinary Instructor, a Consultant for Region Three of the United States Police Canine Association and her areas of interest include sonography, advanced imaging, and pain management treatment and advocacy. Dr. Barnes was also the past President of the following: the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, the District of Columbia Academy of Veterinary Medicine and the Northern Virginia Veterinary Medical Association.

At Animal Emergency Critical Care, Dr. Barnes and her staff make your pet their priority. Your pet can be treated for common emergencies all the way to complex traumas.

Some of the general emergency situations that they treat are: broken bones, difficulty breathing, ingestion of poison or other foreign bodies, snakebites and trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents. If you are asking the question, “Does my pet really have an emergency?” it is Animal Emergency Critical Care’s belief that if you are concerned enough to contact them, it is their job to put your mind at ease and see to your pet’s continued health and well-being. In a more traumatic situation, they provide advanced critical care such as advanced life support, resuscitation, defibrillation, and pain management. This is a full-service animal hospital.

As part of the LifeCentre partner practice, Animal Emergency Critical Care is uniquely situated to comprehensively handle emergency situations all the way to diagnosing and prescribing all-inclusive treatment plans for your pet. This is a multi-faceted hospital that, because they are partnered with LifeCentre specialists, can provide your pet with all of the diagnostic and treatment options that you would expect for yourself at a major hospital. Some of the common diagnostic procedures that they provide are: radiography, ultrasonography, CT, and MRI.

Animal Emergency Critical Care is not only dedicated to giving your pet the best care, but they also provide emergency care instruction to regional working K-9’s, and they provide treatment to small injured wildlife through their partnerships with regional wildlife rehabilitators and groups. This is a practice dedicated to the well-being of all animals and that is something the whole community can feel good about.

So, the next time you are sitting on your deck reading your Kindle, or in your favorite chair in front of the fire, remember how important your pet, with whom you share these moments, is and how comforting it is to know that if some sudden emergency arose, you can call and count on the fine professionals at Animal Emergency Critical Care.


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