EVELYN S. FELLUCA, MD has been an advocate of women’s health for over twenty years. She is President and Founder of Perfectly Female Women’s Health Care, PC, a prosperous private practice dedicated to addressing the medical needs of women.

The practice has grown so large it now has offices in Reston and in Ashburn. Perfectly Female Women’s Health Care is dedicated to excellence in women’s health care. Their highly skilled board certified physicians and nurse practitioners are committed to providing the finest and most advanced medical care in a warm and friendly environment. One of Dr. Felluca’s greatest clinical accomplishments is creating a successful robotics program for gynecology in a community based setting. She is a pioneer of laparoscopic surgery; her procedures seem something out of a science fiction story. Using a combination of tools, including foot pedals and 3D HD cameras, she has championed minimally invasive surgeries for women with ovarian cysts, endometriosis and other vaginal issues. Her passion for minimally invasive approaches started during residency at Maryland General Hospital in Baltimore, when vaginal procedures were in their prime and laparoscopy in its infancy.

When she left residency in 1990, only 14 percent of doctors were performing laparoscopic surgery. After it’s FDA approval in 2005, 31 percent now perform the surgery. Dr Felluca claims it allows for more complex surgeries to be performed in a less invasive manner with smaller incisions, less risk of infection, less discomfort and is the best option for patients. With more than 250 cases performed, Dr Felluca claims that “robotic assisted surgical procedures allow for unparalleled manual dexterity and precision from 3D visualization and 10X magnification.” In addition, she can sit down in comfort during surgery. “There is no question, more complex surgeries can be performed more easily and with less complications which translates into more safety with this new technology for my patients“. She also adds, “If a patient has to undergo major surgery, why wouldn’t they want the least invasive approach paired with excellent results?” She feels it is like an art form, and she stays adept at it by staying informed, training with masters and increasing her skills more and more over time. She stresses the importance of always being willing to learn. “I love what I do,” says Dr. Felluca.

“I relive the miracle of birth and I’m continually challenged with the progressive nature of medicine. There’s always room for growth and knowledge which is why my life is so fascinating.” Of course, mastering such complexities dominates much of her time, but finding a work and life balance is important to her. She is Vice Chairman on the Reston Hospital Board of Trustees, the Gynecology Chairman on the Executive Board for the Reston Surgery Center and the Gynecology Representative for both the Surgery Committee and the Steering Committee for the Institute for Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Reston Hospital. She admits that the hours her job demands, particularly the obstetrics portion, can be taxing. She finds obstetrics to be a fun aspect of her career, however. A mother of two—a son and a daughter—she focuses on her children when she is not working. She also enjoys cooking, traveling and painting. When her children were younger she painted the murals in her children’s room. Dr. Felluca’s parents hail from Italy and she is fluent in Italian. There are multiple ethnicities in her office staff and she claims that such diversity is important because everyone is an individual, and that everyone, including both patients and staff, have something special to offer.

By Sarah Peter


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