Dr. Ayman Boutros – OPTHAMOLOGIST | 2013







In its years of dedicated service, The Eye Center has cultivated quite a sterling reputation, notably as one of the top centers for LASIK in the country and the top  center for the Greater Washington D.C. tri-state area. Surgeons at the practice have performed more than 40,000 successful vision-correction procedures, including LASIK, laser surgery, radial keratotomy and corneal transplants, among  others.

Patients have traveled to The Eye Center from all across the U.S. and abroad for the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Boutros’s exquisite care. Even other doctors residing throughout the country have visited The Center to learn techniques and best practices from Dr. Boutros.

Recognized as a VISX Star Surgeon, Dr. Boutros is additionally an accomplished author and presenter in his field, with a particular interest in pioneering Custom

Vue treatments. With five convenient Northern Virginia locations, state-of-the art equipment and medical technology, personalized service plans and the recent addition of pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus services, it’s no small wonder that The Center’s slogan is, “Better vision through better care.” On this, Dr. Boutros unquestionably delivers.



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Dr. Ayman Boutros – OPTHAMOLOGIST | 2013

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